Our purpose is to facilitate education, research and sharing between organizations, individuals, governmental bodies and the genera! public of Sawyer County; to maintain and improve Sawyer County's water bodies, environs, and watersheds for now and future generations, including, but not limited to: aesthetics, water quality, wildlife habitat, fisheries, and recreation. These purposes will be accomplished while respecting the rights of property owners.

Organization Brochure

The organization...

  • The SCLF is a county-wide organization whose purpose is to promote the environmental protection and preservation of the surface waters in Sawyer County.
  • We are a non-profit public benefit corporation representing both lake and river organizations and concerned citizens from the general public.
  • We are concerned with the lakes, rivers, wetlands, shorelands, and their associated wildlife.
  • SCLF members include both county lake and river associations and individual members.

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Organization Documents

The organizational documents for the Sawyer County Lakes Forum can be downloaded from this page.

Contact Information

If you have questions or requests please contact Waldo Asp, president 354-7450; Mary Ann Churchill, vice president 462-9140; Cris Jeffords, secretary 945-3085; Paul Schwister, treasurer 462-4440; Phil Nies 634-2920; Dan Tyrolt 634-2353; Al Reinemann 462-3272; Peter Howe; 266-2718; Bill Czeskleba 462-4059; and, webmaster, Martin Hanson webmaster@sawyer-county-lakes-forum.org

Sawyer County Lakes Forum

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Next Full Meeting

The 2017 Winter Board Meeting, Thursday, February 16, 2017, 10:00 a.m., at Flat Creek Eatery, Hayward. Read more...


06.07.13 Sunset on Round Lake

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