Sawyer County Lakes Forum ...

  • The SCLF is a county-wide organization whose purpose is to promote the environmental protection and preservation of the surface waters in Sawyer County.
  • We are a non-profit public benefit corporation representing both lake and river organizations and concerned citizens from the general public.
  • We are concerned with the lakes, rivers, wetlands, shorelands, and their associated wildlife.
  • SCLF members include both county lake and river associations and individual members.

Sawyer County Lakes Forum Officers ...

  • PRESIDENT: Waldo Asp (County Line)
  • VICE-PRESIDENT: Mary Ann Churchill (Moose)
  • TREASURERAl Zeitlow  (Callahan)
  • MEMBERDennis Clagett (Chippewa Flowage)
  • MEMBERKevin Horrocks (COLA)
  • MEMBER: Martin Hanson (Round)
  • MEMBERRick Hasselquist (Winter)
  • MEMBER: Kevin Horrocks (COLA)
  • MEMBER: Phil King (Spring Lake)
  • MEMBER: Phil Nies (COLA)
  • MEMBER: Mike O’Sullivan (Spider)
  • MEMBER: Frank Pratt (Namekagon River)
  • MEMBER: Dan Tyrolt (LCO Conservation)
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